Not Paranoid Just Prepared

Safe and Secure Storage and Shelter


I recently picked up a copy of the book The High Security Shelter – How to Implement a Multi-Purpose Safe Room in the Home by Joel Skousen and Andrew Skousen.  The book covers everything from creating a small storage area in the back of a walk in closet, to creating a hidden safe room in the back of a garage, to converting an existing basement into a full size, long-term shelter. The Skousens discuss storage areas, cooking, water storage and  filtration, electricity, bathrooms, sleeping spaces, air filtration, and many other related topics. There is an appendix which lists recommended products and services, including websites and other contact information. There is even a section called “Preparedness and Stockpile Lists”.

Best of all are the actual drawings- elevations and plans, of everything from closets to full size shelters, including “furnishings” such as bunk beds, tables, and storage areas. The drawings give basic layouts, sizes, and ideas for single person and family size shelters. I will use them as a basis for my own drawings, adapting and changing them to fit my needs and current ideas.  The book is a great place to start if you are wondering about what can be done to enhance your security, whether it be a place to store a couple of firearms and ammunition, or a long-term shelter for your entire family.